Christakis Electric

Complete Residential & Commercial Wiring
Fire Alarm Installations

Christaki’s Electric Co is a well established electrical co, with a modern approach. They pride themselves in the quality and neatness of the work they perform and the good customer relationships they achieve through the years.

They provide a wide variety of services to Residential and Commercial customers, ranging from complete installations and rewires to extensions, emergency lighting and power, retail maintenance, code correction and testing.

They also install, examine, replace or repair electrical wiring, receptacles, switch boxes, conduits, feeders,  cable assemblies, lighting fixtures and other electrical components  for continuity, current, voltage and resistance.

The Christakis  Brothers, Nick and George, with their expert and knowledgeable staff install and test switch gears, transformers, switchboard meters, regulators, electrical motors, generators and others.

When you need electrical work done as part on construction, renovation or repair, Christaki’s Electrical Co provides the electrical service expertise, you’ll require, no matter what size the job is, our workforce of highly skilled electricians are ready to meet your electrical needs.

Some of Technical Information from Christaki’s Electric Co.

Safety  Tips.

    • To guard against electrical shocks, install ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) in bathroom outlets and other areas where water and electricity might meet.
    • Never set a radio, telephone or any other electrical appliance on the edge of a tub or sink. If you want music in the bathroom, get a battery-operated radio meant for use near water.
    • Don’t use a plugged-in appliance, like a hair dryer, when standing on a damp floor or in wet bathtub or a shower.
    • If your home has a fuse box or a circuit breaker, learn how to replace a blown fuse and reset a tripped breaker. Keep a supply of fuses handy. Never use a penny to override a blown fuse. It can cause serious electrical damage.
    • Don’t overload any outlet or circuit in your home.
    • Make sure you unplug the toaster before you pry out the toast.
    • Keep all electrical cords in good condition. Don’t run them under rugs or furniture and never staple or nail them in place.
    • Remind children not to put anything into an electrical outlet. Use plastic outlet caps if there are young ones at home.
    • If your basement floods, don’t enter unless you are sure the water isn’t in contact with a source of electricity. Call a qualified electrician to disconnect the power before you enter a flooded basement.
    • Keep in mind that power lines often run underground. Before you dig anywhere, call, CALL BEFORE DIG.
    • If you see a fallen power line, call your utility power company immediately and warn others to stay away.
    • Remind children that wires, electrical equipment, sub-stations, and transformers are extremely dangerous.