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Vassara Society of Boston

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Vassara Society of Boston to hold Youth Luncheon

Boston, Mass.- The Vassara Society of Boston is one of America’s oldest continuous organizations celebrating its 110th year Anniversary. As part of the 110th year celebration the society will be holding a special event named “The Continuing Journey Luncheon” on May 1, 2011 at The Sheraton Needham Hotel in Needham, Massachusetts.

“The event will focus on the journey begun by elders and grandparents and continuing down through the present generation. Academic Excellence and our rich heritage will be the focus of the luncheon,”  said Vassara Society President Niki Varsamis.

There will be several guest speakers including Author Paula Renee Burzawa who has written a recently released book on the village of Vassara entitled Seasons of Sun. A documentary on Vassara produced by well known Mary and George Chiochios will be presented during the luncheon.

John Stavropoulos who was born in Vassara added,  “We have so many students studying at the high school and college level that can’t seem to meet one another. Hopefully this event will be a start for new friendships. We want to acknowledge our young people and celebrate them.”

The Vassara Society of Boston has been instrumental in helping their village through the decades in many endeavors including building a road that connects the village to the main highway that leads to Sparta in 1922, bringing running water to every home in the 1950’s, and helping bring electricity and telephone lines to the village in the 1970’s. They also supported their school, patriots who were ill, and the church of Saint  George both spiritually and financially. Today Vassara is one of the most beautiful villages in Greece.

The Vassarians have also been involved in numerous endeavors raising funds for such causes in Massachusetts as the Hellenic Cardiac Fund, The Hellenic Nursing Home, local churches, and The Greek Parade. There have been many descendants of Vassara who have been philanthropic in the Boston area and have given generously to hospitals,universities,The Boston Pops Orchestra, and the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.

The committee extends an invitation to the many friends of Vassara and wishes the entire community a Happy Easter.