The gurgling waters that run from all these fountains give life to the people, because they used them for all their needs.

The Yonder Fountain (Pera Vryse). It is next to the country church of the Forerunner (John the Baptist), and is very old and used primarily for watering the animals and the gardens.

The Hither Fountain (Dothe Vryse). Was used for drinking water and watering gardens. This Fountain, just like the previous one, is very old and from different inscriptions we conclude that it has been there for over 250 years. Both of these fountains were rebuilt by the famous stone mason Evaggelos Adamopoulos (Mastr-Vaggelis) and with the financial support of Panagiotes and Maria Katsiafouros, Panteles Pappas, Aggelos Kontakes and Konstantinos and Ioannes Sakellares, all residing in America.


Katoureles. A famous fountain for its excellent and healing water. The fame of this fountain in the post-war years reached the surrounding towns, as well as Sparta and Athens and many are those who would come exclusively for obtaining water from Katoureli.

The Mother of Water (Mana tou Nerou). It was northeast of the village, close to the last home and on the right of the Berroia-Tsitzina road.

Fountain Lele Motsara. Hard to locate today.

Kanellakes. It was found to the west of the village, at the rivulet that comes from Kalogerou, and that where the women set up their laundry work.

Ftere. North of Verroia and never dried out. It served the water of goats and sheep which were grazing there and Demetri Meleti (Tselion) who planted gardens there.

Kalogerou. A beautiful spring in the area of the same name, which, even since the pre-war years, had its waters collected into two built cisterns by Georgios Bounos and Vrasidas Koufos and watered their gardens.

Korytakia. It is a small offshoot of the spring of Kalogerou, which took its name from the small Korytes which watered the goats and sheep.
Kanalovryse. An great spring which is located at Svarna and supplies today the town of Verroia.

Klema. A supplemental spring of Kanalovryse. This water too the community brought to the reservoir of Verroia.

Sycamore (Platanitsa). Famous fountain, since the shepherds of the area enjoyed their lunch, but also their necessary nap, under the shade of the eternal sycamore trees. Many times there took place great feasts with lambs spinning on the spits.

St. Konstantinos. A great spring northeast of the monastery of the Holy Unmercenaries. Since 1962 the water of this spring was transported to and waters Vassaras.

Mouriki. This water was taken to the installations of the Monastery for its various needs.

The Spring of the Holy Unmercenaries (Agioi Anargyroi). A spring which gushes in the courtyard of the Monastery and is useful mainly for drinking and watering of the gardens.
Other springs which are found in the area and have been used at different times by the locals were: Keramidaki, Vromoneraki, Megalomati, Zeniou, Kokla, Voulgari, Mousga, Lepetsou, and others.