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The Youth 2014

June 20, 2014  |  Events, Youth Corner  |  Comments Off on The Youth 2014
10360197_1392848924273424_930202606802210660_n.jpg-thumbStefania, the daughter of Steve and Maria Dakoyiannis graduated from Stoneham High School.
1157468_10200347692675204_1501668863_n2Nia “Ευγενία”,  the daughter of Kostas & Pam Divris, from Walpole, Massachusetts  graduated from the University of Rhode Island and received a bachelor of science degree in Health Science and Services.

Panagiotis and Demetris Sakellaris children of Anargyros and Vasiliki Sakellari and grandchildren of the late Panagioti and Areti Sakellari on May 2, 2014 received their Masters degrees in Business Administration (MBA) from Northeastern University in Boston Massachusetts.


Panagiotis had graduated in 2004 from Thayer academy and in 2008 graduated  from Northeastern university with the degree in Electrical engineering (BSEE) and had been working at a consulting engineering and construction company in Boston for the last five years, recently he has been working with his father’s engineering  and consulting company and learning the family business.Demetris graduated in 2006 from Thayer academy and in 2010 graduated from Northeastern university with the degree in Electrical engineering (BSEE) and has been working with NSTAR electric. Demetris also at the end of June will receive his Master degree in Electrical Power systems Design from Worcester Polytechnic Institute (W.P.I) and he is a candidate to become a registered professional engineer (P.E.) in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Both love our village of Vassara, have been there many times especially with their Papou Panagioti and are hoping to be able to visit it soon.

George Varsamis Memoir

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Memoir by George Varsamis 

On an unforgettable Sunday in January, 1947, my father took my brother Fred and I to our first Vassara Society of Boston Meeting.  All the “patraiotes” wanted information and news about their families still in Vassara. I became a member that day.

In the spring of that year, we had elections. Peter Condakes was elected President and I was elected Secretary.  We fundraised for many necessary items for the xorio.

The first item we bought was the ALONISTIKI MIHANI (threshing machine). We raised the money needed and bought it through the Greek Parliament’s Undersecretary of Agriculture, Mr Demitri Koufos.

The second major purchase we raised money for was the water pump for the well in the KAMBO. Again, we bought it through Mr Koufos.

The third purchase was the most expensive of all. The water from ROZIANI.  Mr. Soupo was selling the land and the spring water for $8000.00, which was an overwhelming amount of money in those days. Throughout  that summer, in the hot weather, the president and I walked through Boston to raise the money needed from fellow Vassaraie patriotes.

With our will, and God’s help, we did it.

After serving in the United States Army for two years, I returned home, joined the society again, and was elected president.

At this time, since all roads were still dirt roads, there was a need to pave the streets of Vassara and Verroia. I had also received a letter from my Theio Nikodimo with a request to build an exoklissi, Agioi Apostoloi at the Monastery, Agioi Anargiroi.  I relayed these needs to Mr. Condakes   He told me not to hesitate and assured me that we will do it. We again raised the needed $3450.00.

We established a Vassaraiko Bowling Team. We played against the Boston Cathedral in Kenmore Square. After bowling, we would go for ice cream at Howard Johnson’s. It was a group of about ten Vassariotopoula and their friend. Two weddings came out of that group.

I am proud to say my idea to have a Christmas Party for our children made the Vassara Society the first in New England to hold such an event.  This has since been an annual event. Nothing pleases me more than seeing those children, now parents, coming with their own children to  the Vassara Society of Boston Christmas Parties.


June 14, 2014  |  Events  |  Comments Off on Η ΕΟΡΤΗ ΤΗΣ ΑΓΙΑΣ ΤΡΙΑΔΑΣ
Παρ’ όλο που ο καιρός θύμιζε φθινόπωρο και όχι άνοιξη, αρκετοί ήταν κι’ εφέτος που ανηφόρησαν στον όμορφο λοφίσκο της Αγίας Τριάδας, για να γιορτάσουν την μνήμη της ημέρας. Ελάχιστα τα δώρα για το “έχει κύριοι” αλλά η καθιερωμένη αρτοκλασία έγινε με προσφορά τοων άρτων από τον Γιάννη Μασγανά.

Ελένη Ψαλλίδα-Μάζαρη

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΄Εφυγε από κοντά μας, για το ταξείδι που δεν έχει γυρισμό στις 11 Ιουνίου, στην Αθήνα, η Ελένη Ψαλλίδα-Μάζαρη μετά από μακροχρόνια ασθένεια. Η Ελενη ήταν η αγαπημένη σύζυγος του Αντώνη Μάζαρη και λατρευτή εδερφούλα της Δημοσθενίας Λούμου. Θα μείνει στη μνήμη όλων μας για την τσαχπινιά της και το πλούσιο χαμόγελό της.


June 10, 2014  |  Events  |  Comments Off on ΔΗΜΟΤΙΚΕΣ ΚΑΙ ΤΟΠΙΚΕΣ ΕΚΛΟΓΕΣ 2014.

Κατά τις πρόσφατες δημοτικές και τοπικές εκλογές της 18ης Μαϊου εψήφισαν στο Βασσαρά : 197.

Ο συνδιασμός του Βαγγέλη Βαλιώτη έλαβε :  97
 Ο συνδιασμός του Σταύρου Αργειτάκου          82

Για το τοπικό κοινοτικό συμβούλιο του Βασσαρά ισοψήφισαν η Λευκή Νικολέτου με τον Στάθη Φλώρο με 34 ψήφους ο καθένας και ακολούθησε ο Γρηγόρης Παππάς με 21 ψήφους.

Από το συνδιασμό του Σταύρου Αργειτάκου, ο Γιώργς Παππάς έλαβε 54 ψήφους και θα καταλάβει το πόστο της αντιπολίτευσις.

Στις επαναλειπτικές εκλογές της 25ης Μαϊου για την εκλογή Δημάρχου στο δήμο Σπάρτης, ο Βαγγέλης Βαλιώτης, εξελέγη ως καινούριος δήμαρχος με ποσοστό 59.25% έναντι 38.66% του Σταύρου Αργειτάκου, αφού ανέτρεψε την εις βάρος του διαφορά του α! Γύρου που ήτανε 38.66% έναντι48.37 του Αργειτάκου.

Στο Βασσαρά τη δεύτερη Κυριακή εψήφισαν :  183,  και έλαβαν…

Βαλιώτης 104
Αργειτάκος  67

Η συμπατριώτησά μας Ελένη Καρρά-Μεντή από την Αράχωβα, εξελέγη δημοτικός σύμβουλος με το συνδιασμό του Βαλιώτη.