The village of Verroia (plural) is a little town bathed in the dew of mount Parnonas, at an altitude of 950 meters, surrounded by beautiful forests of fir, pine and sycamore trees. Verroia is one of the most beautiful and most traditionally rustic towns of Peloponnesus. Mt. Parnonas or Malevos is part of the mountain range in southeastern Peloponnesus, which circumscribes, almost up to the central part, the limits of the counties of Arkadia and Laconia. The southernmost extension reaches to the cape of Maleas.
It is the summer vacation destination for the residents of the town of Vassaras, who as one body would move there to enjoy the heavenly nature of Verroia, with all its magical variations of the greens, the gurgling waters, the thousands of wildflowers, the harmonic warbling of the nightingale, the finch and the blackbird, which move all sensitive souls.
Very close to Verroia, and almost across from the village is the monastery of the Holy Unmercenaries (Hagioi Anargyroi) and a little further up are the Tsitzina.


On the left, view of Verroia with the area of “Svarna” in the back and on the right the :Pera Rahi” area with Stamatira mountain in the back.