Vassara – Administration

Vassaras, for many years, comprised a commune, whose board was comprised of the president, secretary and a five-member council, which was elected every four years, and under whose jurisdiction was the area of Verroia. With the other surrounding villages, that is, of Vresthena, Arachova, Vamvakou, Megale Vryse, Sellasia, Theologos, Kalyvia and Voutianoi, they all constituted the township of Oinous in the province of Lacaedemona. Now, with the restructuring of the townships and communes, which took place in 1998, Vassaras constitutes a part of the township of Oinous, along with Vamvakou, Varvitsa, Voutianoi, Vresthena, Theologos, Koniditsa and Sellasia, which is the seat of the township.


Panos Theophiles, was one of the President’s of the village.
Kostas Spiropoulos, he also served as a President of the community.