The main road next to upper Fountain and on the right, another view of Verroia.

Many are the versions as to the naming of the village. We know that its first name was Oinous and the change to Verroia originated from the Macedonian city of Verroia from colonists who came in the Medieval times from the mountainous regions of Greece, searching for a better life. Another reason, which we believe the town has received its name from the city of Macedonia, of the same name, Verroia, is because of the similarities in the topography of the land between the two locations. The Verroia of Macedonia is built on the foothills of Mt. Vermio, in thick, green flora and abundant waters. Our Verroia, in Laconia, is built at the roots of a mountain, in a lush green valley, surrounded by mountains, thickl covered by pine and spruce. The green growth is due to the many springs thar are spread out around the whole area.