Vassara Water

The main “well” in the middle of “Kambos” the way it looks todayIn the summer of 1950 the compatriots Georgios Gkiouras, Konstantinos Sakellares and Ioannes Anast. Stavropoulos, came to Vassaras from Chicago , as representatives of the Vassarian Club over there, with the assignment to come to an agreement with the municipality and the citizens of the town and to expend the amount of $2,000 so that a good and necessary work could take place in our village. Indeed, in a general meeting, it was decided for the work to commence so that the water from the Kamari could be brought to the village.

After all the preparations were completed in all directions, in August of 1950, with the prefect of Laconia heading the activity, and with the representatives of the Vassarian Club of Chicago, the town council and other citizens the town, everyone gathered in the plain so that a blessing of the water could be performed by the memorable parish priest of the town, Demetrios Mamounas (papa-Demetres) and the cantors Nikolaos Theodorakopoulos and Demetrakes Ronteres, for the good completion of the work. After the prefect gave the first stroke with the pickax, he promised to put toward the work, as a symbolic gesture, 500,000 drachmas from the treasury of the prefecture, so that the building of the reservoir could begin at Kamari. At the same time, all the citizens rushed forth along the plain and began digging the ditches. Such was the furor and will of everyone for the water to come to the village, that in three days the ditches had reached to the school. In the meantime, money began coming in from everywhere, first and foremost from the clubs of Boston , Chicago and other individual compatriots from all over the world, for this work. So, with speedy efforts and activity by all, 6,606 meters of piping reach the village and a loan is secured by the township, in the amount of 100 million drachmas, for the payment on the piping, which loan, was never paid off, because it was later gifted by the government.

It was both very moving and very impressive for that time period, to see a convoy of about fifteen trucks, loaded with pipes, reaching the plain where the Vassarians awaited them with the mayor, Diamantes Manetas, in charge and with lightning speed, it took only a day, the pipes were unloaded, arranged in line next to the already opened ditches. Also, the reservoir had been built in the village and so, quickly, began the connection of the pipes by special skilled workers, and in September of 1951 the water began running from different faucets in the village, bringing at the same time much relief to the citizens, who had suffered for so many years. Later, with the addition of other springs, such as St. Constantine, Tourkas, etc., the water was plentiful and began, slowly, to come in the homes of the townspeople, which except for household use, was used for watering the gardens, which offered another convenience, which only a short time before could only be considered a dream.

Men and women dig the ditches, so the water will come to the village as soon as possible.
One of the first fountains, in the area of the Kaliava well, brings enormous relief to the people of the village.


Men and women tirelessly dig the ditches to bring the much needed water to the village.